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How To Remove Rootkits And VIrus From Your PC

The classic powerful antivirus may not be enough against the many threats that arise in web.

Very often, visiting websites or downloading programs from unreliable unverified websites can make our computer infected with malware and rootkits. If you are being redirected to an unwanted website, popups or another search engine, your browser is not only hijacked by a Trojan, but the computer is also infected with a  rootkit as well. Many anti-malware vendors have failed to detect and prevent the infection in the past months, but to date, the latest variant of rootkit is possible to remove using several tools and malware removal programs.

To eliminate this type of malicious software, we need programs that are appropriate for the specific case.

The first method to use is to run a scan using an anti-malware removal program that is fast in detecting the rootkits and malvares . By fast detection, I mean that the security vendors that are able to release a detection and removal in no time. Using anti-malware programs to scan and remove is important, enabling you to find other malware that has resided in your computer as well as the rootkits.

Choose any of the free tools below to remove the virus:

  • A-squared Free or A-squared Anti-Malware – both versions provide a scanner and remover of malvares and rootkits.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-malware Free – another anti-malware vendor that is fast in adding detection to latest threats.
  • SuperAntiSpyware Free and SUPERAntiSpyware Pro – both programs of SUPERAntiSpyware provides a scan and removal options.
Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2011 - 3 User

Apart from these Anti-malvares if you know any other services for free, please share that with a comment below.


How To Add Extra Security To Your Facebook Account

For many of us, Facebook is home to a lot of our online communications—including our most private. Keep other people from getting into your account with these new Facebook features.

Last week, Facebook started rolling out two-factor authentication, just like Gmail recently did. When enabled, Facebook will ask you to enter a code any time you log into Facebook from a new device. Thus, if someone gets a hold of your Facebook password, they won’t be able to log into a computer you haven’t already used, since they won’t know that code. It isn’t as useful if, say, someone steals your laptop, though, since you will have already activated Facebook on that device.

The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the WorldIn addition, Facebook’s also fixed problems with the HTTPS support they recently added. When it first rolled out, it would set you back to HTTP whenever you used a Facebook application, and leave you there until you manually navigated back to the HTTPS version. Now, Facebook has fixed this issue, automatically sending you back to secure pages when you leave the insecure application pages. If you don’t already have this enabled, we highly recommend it.

They’ve also added a suite of family-oriented safety tools, including a repository of articles for parents and social reporting tools that lets people notify a member of their community when they see something they don’t like.

These features, as always, are rolling out gradually, so if you don’t see them just yet, don’t worry. Check back with your Account Settings every few days and you should see them pop up soon under “Account Security”. Hit the link to read more.

Folder Lock Full download

Folder Lock® is a fast file locking and
file encryption software
that can password protect folders, encrypt or lock files, protect USB Drives and lock CDs/DVDs. The program supports all flavors of Windows 7.0, Vista, XP and 2000 including their 64-bit variants.

Folder Lock creates encrypted storages called ‘Lockers’. You can keep as many of your private files & folders in Locker and password protect it with a single click. Lockers are portable, so you can transfer, secure and backup these Lockers or keep them in USB Drives, CDs/DVDs, & notebooks or transfer them over email. These Lockers are undeletable on the computer where Folder Lock is installed.

You can create as many Lockers as you want. Different users can create different Lockers with different passwords as well. Folder Lock is two-in-one file locking and file encryption software that lets you choose either to encrypt using 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption or lock files, folders and drives anywhere on your computer. Each Locker can contain your encrypted files as well as your personal list of your locked items.

Furthermore, Folder Lock comes with additional features which no other file encryption software offer like hack monitoring, stealth mode, data shredding, auto protection, portable USB autoplay support, history cleaning and virtual keyboard. This can enhance file locking and encryption beyond anything ever achieved. In addition, a Locker can’t be renamed, moved or deleted without a correct password to prevent data loss.


send encrypted, secure and secrete e-mail message

If you are being spied upon and also if you are working on a shared coputer and are unable to send some important private message to a friend then here is a way to send those secure messages to your friends through e-mails online.
The following is a way through which you also don’t need to either install software or sign up somewhere. Adding to the advantages is that, this service is free.

Lockbin is a great way of sending a private email message in an encrypted way. Lockbin is a free service for sending private email messages. It can be easily used to send confidential information like credit card information.

The info will not be sent to your friend’s e-mail addrress rather he will receive a message saying that “you have received a secret message” and he just have to type in the samesecret word as entered by you. (So don’t forget to tell him the same secret word)

When the encrypted message is received, it is destroyed from Lockbin’s database, and decrypted in the recipient’s browser, provided that they entered the Secret Word correctly.
At least one thing is for sure, this service is safer than sending sensitive data directly through email.

visit : lockbin

Top 5 Antivirus For Android

Are you worried about losing your precious data from your phone because of virus attack? If yes, you need to install an antivirus on your Android phone. When you frequently connect your Android phone or its memory card to computer to transfer data, or perform data transfer through Bluetooth, there is a high possibility of infecting the phone with a virus or malicious program. Hence, you should install an antivirus on your phone.

Here are top 5 antivirus recommendations for Android phone:

1. AVG Antivirus Free

It is a paid security software that offers data security and scans your device thoroughly to check for viruses and malware. It scans each and every file present on your phone memory as well as on memory card. By using GPS and cell tower, it can even help in finding stolen devices. It is available in two versions: free and paid. The paid version can be purchased for $4.99. The paid version is free of advertisements.

2. Lookout Mobile Security

It is a powerful malicious program scanning application that can be scheduled to scan your phone on weekly or daily basis. The ‘Find my Phone’ feature of this app lets you find your phone in case you misplaced it. It also takes the backup of files and programs stored on your phone which can be used to restore the data in case you lose it. It is a free Android antivirus program. It was listed among the Top 100 Tech Product of 2010 by PCWorld.

3. Super Security

It is a free antivirus application that brings to you cloud based antivirus engine. It effectively helps in getting rid of all kinds of malicious programs and protects the sensitive information that you have stored on the phone. It also helps in finding your phone when you misplace it. The task manager lets you manage all the programs on your phone.

4. SmrtGuard Mobile Security

It is a free antivirus for Android phones that will safeguard your phone from all kinds of virus. The ‘Find Phone’ feature lets you find your lost phone by means of the GPS. The other features of this amazing this app include wireless migration and restoration of data, antispam, call blocker, remote lock, application lock, audio ping, remote listen, simCard guardian and many more.

5. Anti-Virus Laser

It is a creatively designed free antivirus program. On the interface of the application, you will see an action puzzle like a tetris that allows you to get rid of all the viruses from your phone. On the screen, you will see the viruses trying to reach out, before they do so you need to fry them up. At the end of it, you will be able to view your score. You can even upload score and see you compete with the world ranking. The free version of this antivirus allows you to play up to 10 levels of the game.