Cloud Experience – 10GB FREE Online Storage And Backup

Cloud Experience is a recently launched state of art, real-time syncing, backup and storage solution. It is still in beta stage and includes a free plan with 10GB storage and 1GB traffic.

In my previous article, I wrote about Dropbox and later found similar solution named Cloud Experience (CX). It offers 10GB storage which is somewhat bigger compared to Dropbox’s 2GB. At this moment CX client software is limited to Windows, Mac OS X, Android, Iphone and BlackBerry platforms. The promising feature set includes following.

    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

  •  Automatically manages versions between people working on the same files so you’ll know who did what and never lose your work
  •  Data transfers are encrypted via 2048-bit SSL connections
  •  Locally stored data is broken into pieces and encrypted so that they cannot be reassembled or read directly from the disk without your login information

It is too early to compare CX with other cloud vendors, but don’t hesitate to try out as it is the best way to get to know.

Cloud Experience


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